Invisalign® Therapy

Clear, Convenient & Comfortable.
Clear, Convenient & Comfortable.

What is Invisalign®?

Are you ready to perfect your smile without all the hardware? You need to check out the Invisalign® system for discrete alignment! If you haven’t heard about Invisalign®, it might be because these clear aligners are near invisible when they are worn. This alternative to traditional metal braces is helping many patients in St. Albert and area to straighten their teeth and improve the overall appearance of their smile.
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Invisalign® uses custom dental trays (aligners) to exert gentle but consistent pressure on the teeth in order to guide them to their optimal position in the mouth over time. They are produced in a special Invisalign® lab and the tooth position in the aligners changes slightly and incrementally as you work through your treatment program. Between 20 and 30 pairs of aligners are typically necessary to achieve the desired tooth position with Invisalign®, and each pair is worn for a period of time (usually 2-3 weeks) at the direction and discretion of your dentist.

Invisalign® has replaced braces for many patients with mild to moderate tooth alignment problems. However, severe malocclusion (crooked teeth) may require other procedures and/or additional tension to be applied to the orthodontic appliances (like elastics) in order to effectively correct poorly aligned teeth. In these more complex cases, conventional braces may be required.

See it For Yourself

Getting started with Invisalign® is as easy as asking your dentist. Invisalign® labs require a 3D digital image of your teeth in order to get started – something your dentist will facilitate early in your conversation. Impressions are taken using a high accuracy material which is then scanned to develop a digital model. Based on these models, a treatment plan is put together and discussed at a subsequent visit. After discussing the ins and outs of aligner wear as well as the cost breakdown of this treatment, your ‘OK’ gives your dentist permission to send off your digital X-rays to get the process started

The Right Fit

Invisalign® can be a good, discrete solution to many types of malocclusion (teeth misalignment), but is highly dependent upon the patient’s hygiene and their discipline in wearing and maintaining the aligners. Adolescents that may have difficulty with misplacing or losing aligners should be encouraged to either undertake this therapy in their adult years or consider braces.


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Your Cheeks Will Thank You

Not only are Invisalign® aligners more visually appealing than their traditional counterparts, they are also more comfortable. As a result of adjustments being built into the aligners, there is no need for regular adjustments. With Invisalign®’s low profile, there are no sharp corners, wires or brackets to rub, irritate and cut the cheeks. Patients may even forget that the aligners are in place until they are removed to eat.

Your Day With Invisalign®

Your aligners should be worn a minimum of 22 hours per day, and they should only be taken out of the mouth for eating meals and cleaning the teeth before they are, once again, replaced. When eating a meal, it is important to store the aligners in their case in order to avoid losing them. Setting aligners on a surface or tissue can result in them being mistakenly disposed of. If ever you lose an aligner, wear the previous aligner until you can see your dentist for more direction. Invisalign® aligners fit very closely over the teeth. This means that bacteria and debris that is present between the teeth and the aligners is likely to be trapped in the aligner, and acids enveloping the teeth will not be rinsed away with saliva. For this reason, it is critical to brush and floss the teeth after every meal to prevent decay and gum irritation. Drinking still water with Invisalign® is encouraged, but aligners should be removed when drinking teas or other hot drinks to prevent them from becoming discoloured or warped from the heat.

Improve Your Health with Invisalign®

Invisalign® is the start of a healthier lifestyle for many clients. Snacking and sipping become a tedious affair when you have to brush and floss your teeth afterward, and many of our patients simply cut their snacking and sipping habits out of their lifestyle after some time with Invisalign®. This combined with an increased intake of still water results in healthier bodies and healthier teeth overall.


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