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Family Dentistry

When you go to the dentist, who do you see? Do you contact the first available dentist? Or, do you seek someone out on the advice and recommendation of friends you trust? Do you have a relationship with your dentist? Or, are your interactions at the dentist more ‘transactional’? Wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to a dentist appointment for once? To have your children erupt with glee at the news of their regular cleaning? This is what a family dental practice wants to offer your family. If a personal touch is what you are looking for, Wild Rose may be the dental practice for your family!

A Time That Works for You

As a dental care team, we understand the challenges in ensuring that each member of the family is seen regularly for preventative maintenance. With scheduling difficulties, preventative maintenance can be deferred for months, not to mention the time it requires for Mom or Dad to leave their other responsibilities to attend their child’s dental appointments if they do happen within a relatively short timeframe. At Wild Rose Dental, our goal is to make oral care easier and more convenient for our patients and their families! That’s why we offer an extended schedule to accommodate those whose work schedules do not offer them the ability to attend easily during the day.

Furthermore, we encourage families to schedule their check-up and cleaning appointments in advance to allow a group appointment to be held. With group appointments, you and your children can all attend at once for an extended appointment in which all of you are seen the same day. We may not see everyone at the same time, but we can see you one after the other. This saves the hassle of scheduling by reducing your dental obligations to one appointment, provided that no follow-up or procedures are required.


We look forward to providing you with quality dental care in St. Albert to ensure you have a healthy and happy smile for life! Please give us a call @ 780-458-3218  or request an appointment online.
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Your family dentist is a trusted source of information and education about how to support the oral health needs of your children as they age. Information about nutrition and hygiene regimens such as brushing and flossing, are all available through your family dentist. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate parents and caregivers effectively, but our patients are teaching us, too! Your family dentist is interested in providing the best care and relationships possible.

For that reason, we listen to our patients and their parents when they give us information about their child’s comfort needs. Some children may want their teddy bear along side them during a cleaning, while other children require different accommodations to reduce their anxiety. Does your kiddo need a little extra time to feel at home? We are happy to accommodate!

With You For The Long Haul

While a pediatric dentist transfers their patient care to other clinics once their young patients are of age, your family dentist is motivated to do the opposite. Family dental practices place tremendous emphasis on client relationships and experience. This is because your family dentist wants to be your dental provider of choice for the long-term. We take the time to get to know families, develop the trust of children and offer an experience that fosters long-term partnerships.

We’re interested in the big picture, so taking extra time to help our clients feel comfortable is just doing what’s right. If you are ready to partner with a dental practice that champions your family’s oral health with warmth and a personable chairside manner, we are sure that Wild Rose Dental is the right place for you.


We are always welcoming new patients at Wild Rose Dental. Please contact us by phone or online to book with us today!

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