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Cosmetic Dentistry

Where it comes to dentistry, there have traditionally been two streams of practice. The first stream of practice is involved in making sure that your teeth and jaw are functioning well, without pain, and without disease. Pretty important, right? The second stream of practice in dentistry is arguably as important where it comes to how your teeth make you feel. This stream of practice is what’s known as cosmetic dentistry. Like… makeup? Kind of. Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with how your teeth look. How straight they are, how white and how symmetrical they are all concerns of a cosmetic dentist.

Modern dentistry, however, has recognised the importance and the overlap between functional and cosmetic practice and aims to offer dental patients the best of both worlds – teeth that look and feel fantastic! Our list of cosmetic services bridge the gap between what works and what looks great. You work hard taking care of your body and your teeth – your smile should reflect it!

Teeth Whitening

With teeth whitening systems popping up everywhere, it’s no wonder it’s among the most requested cosmetic services offered at your dental clinic! Although you can find whitening products all over, not all whitening products are made equal. Your dentist offers whitening products that will get you the best whitening ‘bang’ for your buck! Higher concentrations of active whitening agent combined with light activation, gum barriers and rehydrating solutions means that your whitening treatment will be effective as well as comfortable!


Do you have a tooth that has been broken or cracked? Tooth damage can’t be ignored – doing so results in discomfort and increases the risk of infection and extraction. If you want to keep your natural tooth in place, you may be offered a crown. Crowns are the best way to protect a tooth and keep its structure strong. Your dentist will prepare your natural tooth by filing it down while a custom crown is prepared to envelop the entire exterior of the tooth. The benefits of crowns are numerous from protection from pain and sensitivity to their ability to blend seamlessly with neighbouring teeth. Thanks to the customizable nature of these crowns, they can be made in the shape and colour of your natural tooth.


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If you are unsatisfied with the shape and colour of an otherwise healthy tooth, your dentist may suggest opting for a veneer! Veneers are a shell-like product that is cemented to your tooth to improve its appearance. Like crowns, veneers can be customized to look just like their neighbouring teeth in terms of their colour, shape and size.


If your teeth have been chipped, or you want to improve their shape, another option is bonding. Bonding uses a resin which can be painted, built up and formed to reflect an ideal shape and appearance. Like veneers, bonding can be used on one or several teeth, and offers a wide variety of resin shades to choose from to match the natural tooth.

Root Canals

If your tooth has been compromised, you may be able to retain the tooth by undergoing root canal therapy. Root canals are simply excavations of the inside of the tooth – the chamber that contains the nerve and blood supply. Removing the internal pulp of the tooth renders it effectively dead but capping it with a crown offers protection from further damage and reinforces the tooth’s structure.


Not able to save a damaged or diseased tooth? If you have required an extraction of a tooth, it is wise to consider a bridge. Dental bridges describe the practice of holding a false tooth in place by anchoring it to the natural teeth on either side. In this way, the esthetics are improved as there is no gap along the dental arch, and the false tooth ensures that other teeth are not able to drift into the gap. Bridges are made in the shape and colour of your natural tooth and are resistant to the effects of acid and decay. Don’t think this gets you out of thoroughly cleaning the area, however. In order to ensure the health of the structures around the bridge, it is necessary to keep bacterial counts down with an effective oral hygiene regimen.

If you’ve lost one or several teeth, dental implants represent a durable solution to cosmetic and functional concerns associated with this loss. Dental implants not only improve the appearance of the dental arches, they also slow down bone loss.

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